Whew! It has been a long time since I’ve posted. And, if you’ll hear me out, you’ll find that I had pretty good reason for my absence.

1) My little sister got married earlier this month! I know everyone thinks their, or their family member’s, wedding was the best, but truly, V’s wedding was incredible! She held it in my parents’ backyard, which gave the wedding a sweet, intimate, and romantic feel. My sister and I declared myself the World’s Worst Maid of Honor (WWMH) as I barely took any pictures, planned the bachelorette party more or less the day of the party, and was pretty hands-off. In my defense, she wanted me to be that way. When the time came, I definitely stepped it up with all of the tears and smiles that are expected of MOH’s.

My sister is a very creative lady. She designed her own wedding dress and found someone to make it for $80!!!! She did not want this to be a break-the-bank kind of wedding, so she had all of the bridesmaids wear a dress of their choice. We were all in different colors and styles. It was perfect for the theme of her wedding. I found my dress, a 1950’s” wiggle” dress, on etsy.com for $28! A little tailoring and it fit beautifully.

One, of the many, thing she did was change into a different dress for the reception. I absolutely love this idea. And, true to V’s independent spirit, she changed into a not-your-typical reception dress.

Like I said, I didn’t take many pictures myself, so I’m having to swipe a lot of these from other people’s albums.

Once I get all of my pictures together, I want to do a more dedicated post to the wedding. V + J are perfect for each other and will have a beautiful life together.

2) Our other big change is that we moved to New York! We’re Queens, NY’s newest residents and we are loving it so far. And that will all be in another post…soon….I hope…