Am I turning the Monster into a bona fide Mama’s Boy? Lately he has been all about Mama. It is a Mama or Bust attitude in our house right now. (Insert play on words joke with “Mama” and “Bust” here.) He’ll be playing happily with Daddy or by himself with some toys, and then look up and realize that I’m not there, or that I just walked by and didn’t pick him up. When that happens, we get this.

Meltdown #12,897

It’s like a switch just went off. If I pick him up, he returns to the happy, babbling Baby Monster we know and love. It’ like he needs some part of him touching some part of me at all times. I realize how endearing this might sound, but it can also be really tiring for me, and at times lead to some major Mama-guilt. I know, I know, first piece of advice will probably be to not pick him up each time he cries. And I really don’t, but there are times when I just want the path of least resistance. Is that so bad? I’m new to this parenting gig, and I’m already exhausted and he’s not even a year old!

Putting things into buckets. Very important work.

One MAJOR saving grace in all of this has been my baby carriers. When he is particularly Mama-focused, I can strap him into my Ergo or BobaAir and have my hands free to do other things. Like write this blog.

But I’ll admit, I still pick him up and spend a lot of time just snuggling with him. Can you blame me?

Snuggling with Mama