I wouldn’t call myself a picky or difficult eater. I won’t turn my nose up at a box of mac ‘n cheese, and I’ve been known to tear into a bag of chips and consider that dinner. All this to say though, it’s not like I don’t know quality when it comes and slaps me in the face like Coi did with its all-dessert dinner menu. Some good friends and I went to check out this “dessiner”, if you will, a few days ago and, oh my silken-white-chocolate stars, it was GOOD!

So, when I say all-dessert dinner, I really mean ALL DESSERT. There were five courses and each of them was a dessert. You can check out a write-up on it from grubstreet here. The menu is a decent-for-San Francisco $45, but goes up to $65 with pairings, which I highly recommend. One thing that came up a few times during the conversation was how light we all felt, despite eating all dessert dishes for dinner. I think this is a testament to how well constructed the dishes were; these were not molten chocolate lava cakes and 14 scoops of ice cream. These were elegant, sophisticated, and innovative. I’ll do my best to briefly break it down:

Course 1: Frozen lime mashmallow – this was the favorite of the majority at the table. A perfectly toasted marshmallow on top of  a frozen lime meringue. I enjoyed the marshmallow a lot, which is saying something because I typically don’t like marshmallow. I was a little thrown by the room temperature marshmallow and the frozen lime meringue, but quickly got over it.

Course 2: Preserved lemon 7:13 – Tasty, but not as impressive as the marshmallow. Perhaps the more forgettable dish of the evening.

Course 3: Peaches & Coffee – this was among my favorites. I don’t see how you can go wrong with coffee and fruit, two of my favorite things. The coffee actually came in the form of a cream that had a subtle coffee flavor, which allowed the peaches to be more prominent.

Course 4: Grapefruit 2006 – again, fruit. The perfect dessert. This dish had some delightful rock sugar in it, which gave the grapefruit tang a nice pop. I really enjoyed it and thought it was refreshing. This dish also had some ginger in it, which I thought was a bold combination. After trying it though, I realized I should probably leave those decisions up to the professionals, because pastry chef Matt Tinder obviously has things under control. It is bold, but in a delightful way!

Course 5: Silken white chocolate – Let’s take a second here and just allow the name of the course to wash over us like…silken white chocolate. This was my favorite, albeit by a slim margin as peaches & coffee was not far behind. This dish included kiwis. Again, a combo I never would have put together on my own, but again, I’m no professional. This was AMAZING! I believe it was supposed to be a play on tofu and he nailed it. Allow me to allow you to be the proverbial fly on the wall when we all had our first bites of this dish.




K: OH!

That’s right! Chef Tinder got three MMMM’s and an OH out of us! That would translate into a perfect score. However, I should note that there was still talk of a tie between the silken white chocolate and the frozen lime marshmallow. For the record, my vote goes with the white silken chocolate.

You can check out the restaurant site here.



Today I tried finger painting with the Baby Monster for the first time. I used a recipe that my sister found online for edible finger paint. You can find it here.
I have been looking for something safe that the monster could create with and eat, as he is still at the phase of putting anything that happens into his hand directly into his mouth. During this little event, I’d say about 5% of what he touched went into his mouth. Overall, I’d say that is a success!

Of course the Beast managed to get in on the action. At one point I looked down at him and he had managed to get pink fingerpaint in the fur on the top of his head. I wish I had gotten a photo of that; I thought the bright pink against his black fur was quite striking. Reminded me of some of the color combinations I would put together for myself in the 80’s.

It was a lot of fun to do and something I would like to continue doing with him as he gets older. He was smiling and laughing, and my husband and I were still speaking to each other at the end of it. I will say that the lesson learned here is to either dress your baby and yourself in clothes that can be stained, or just go naked.

The Monster and the Beast

This blog is dedicated to my Monster and my Beast.

Hello! And thank you for reading my blog! I don’t intend a specific theme for this blog, but I can say that there will likely be a lot of posts about my baby, the Baby Monster, and my dog, the Beast.
Thanks for checking in!