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Well, Paul and I are doing the Color Run for SeriousFun Children’s Network. It takes place in Brooklyn in July, so, you know, really ideal running weather. šŸ˜‰

It’s a 5K (a little over 3 miles) during which we will be blasted with colored powder. The benefits of this run go beyond our health and fitness. All of the funds we raise go to SeriousFun Children’s Network, which is a network of camps for children with serious and life-threatening illnesses. The Network has a bit of Ā glam to it as well, as it was founded by none other than Paul Newman, AKA Cool Hand Luke. The original rebel.

The Monster and the Beast have graciously offered to help us with our training.

Rocco and Robbie helping Mommy motivating Mommy to go on a run

Goodness knows I have a ways to go. I used to love to run. I ran almost every day, and for many, many miles. When we moved to Illinois I sort of dropped running. And then when I was pregnant I just found running really uncomfortable, so it completely fell off. In a way, this Color Run is giving me a great reason to rediscover an old love of mine.

Monster keeping the Best in check

Monster keeping the Beast in check

I’ve started running a few mornings a week with the Beast, which exercises my body but my patience as well as I still have to battle with him whenever he gets whiff of a squirrel nearby. Either way, I’m out, I’m runningĀ  jogging, and it is Spring in New York, so I really can’t complain.

Spring in Forest Hills

Spring in Forest Hills

The Beast telling me I'm not going fast enough

The Beast telling me I’m not going fast enough

I’m really excited to be participating in the Color Run, especially for such a great cause. While I’ve started training and using the Color Run as a way to get back into running, my race partner is choosing a different training path.

Paul's version of "training"

Paul’s version of “training”

Looks like the Monster and the Beast need to turn their running-coach eyes onto Daddy….



OMG! OMG! OMG! The Beast is flying out here this FRIDAY and I am so EXCITED!!!

When we first got the Beast

He has been staying with my friend A in CA the past few months. I am beyond grateful for her generosity in opening her house to a 70+ lb labrador. She already has three kids, so it’s not exactly as if she didn’t have other things going on.

So, how exactly does one fly a labrador across the country? Well, it turns out that there are multiple options, including working directly with an airline, pet relocation services, pet airline services, and even ground transportation services. We decided to work directly with United Airlines for several reasons; they have a dedicated PetSafe desk with a live 24/7 800 number, we could fly him direct from SFO to JFK, and he’ll fly cargo, so he will be the last thing loaded and the first thing unloaded.

Beast and his new travel kennel

At first I was a little concerned about the whole flying as cargo part of it. But after talking with United’s reps, it does seem that is a better route for him. Since he’s flying as cargo, he’s basically another revenue stream from cabin passengers (and their checked luggage) which means he is of a higher concern than a piece of checked luggage. Also, United will have an agent in charge of the cargo for the Beast’s flight and will ensure that he is put in the plane right side up (eek!) and is not left on the tarmac with the luggage until the handlers are ready to load the plane. Honestly, while I’m a little soothed, I’m still pretty nervous.

I have tried to do most of the coordinating from my side. I have to say, each of my conversations with United’s PetSafe Program were very helpful and reassuring. I really appreciate the fact that they have a dedicated desk to pets.Ā A has graciously stepped in and helped with several important items. Namely, the travel kennel and the drop-off. I seriously owe A and her family something HUGE and AMAZING! Any ideas?

Keep the Beast in your thoughts as he flies over the country on Friday! I am one excited and anxious puppy mama!!

Beast at the beach




We got the Beast at the Southern Illinois Humane Society in February of 2011. About a week after we got him I found out I was pregnant with the Monster. We were enjoying having the Beast around, but we had to stop and consider: Can we handle a lab puppy and a baby at the same time? The short answer: Sometimes. Admittedly, there are some days when the Beast just doesn’t get the love and attention he would like to get. To make up for this, we have the dog beach.


Lighthouse Dog Beach

Dog beach, Lighthouse Beach, Santa Cruz, CA

He LOVES the beach. The chance to run into water, chase some birds, wrestle with other dogs, and eat some kelp is just too much for him. And of course, it makes for some darn cute photo ops.


Beast at Lighthouse Beach

Dog Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Santa Cruz, CA

P and the Beast

P and the Beast, Lighthouse Beach, Santa Cruz, CA

Here’s to you, Beast.

The Lighthouse Beach is just off of Hwy 1 in Santa Cruz.


The Monster and the Beast

This blog is dedicated to my Monster and my Beast.