We got the Beast at the Southern Illinois Humane Society in February of 2011. About a week after we got him I found out I was pregnant with the Monster. We were enjoying having the Beast around, but we had to stop and consider: Can we handle a lab puppy and a baby at the same time? The short answer: Sometimes. Admittedly, there are some days when the Beast just doesn’t get the love and attention he would like to get. To make up for this, we have the dog beach.


Lighthouse Dog Beach

Dog beach, Lighthouse Beach, Santa Cruz, CA

He LOVES the beach. The chance to run into water, chase some birds, wrestle with other dogs, and eat some kelp is just too much for him. And of course, it makes for some darn cute photo ops.


Beast at Lighthouse Beach

Dog Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Santa Cruz, CA

P and the Beast

P and the Beast, Lighthouse Beach, Santa Cruz, CA

Here’s to you, Beast.

The Lighthouse Beach is just off of Hwy 1 in Santa Cruz.